Tulip Seeds was envisioned and initiated by Mr.Rohit in 2014 at Ranchi, located in Salem District, India.. Rasi Hybrid Seeds has made rapid advances from seed production and supply ventures to a commendable position in Research and Development (R&D) and transformed as Tulip Seeds in 2014. Having 600 qualified workforce we enthusiastically serve over 4 million Indian farmers.

Tulip Seeds has been recognized as the leader in cotton hybrids, besides hybrids in maize, pearl millet and vegetables. When the company launched its first research cotton hybrid, RCH 2 in 1992, the agricultural industry was overwhelmed by the tremendous yield of this hybrid.

This has been achieved by the excellent guidance of Mr. Rohit, a well known Cotton Breeder in India. RCH 2 cotton hybrid is one among the few proprietary research hybrids that has been notified by the Government of India.

The company has excellent processing facilities and follows efficient seed production techniques considering seed quality and purity. The services network provides technical support to several thousand farmers enabling them to produce high quality seeds.

Fact File
  • 5 Years Experience in Seed Business
  • Leading Player in Hybrid Cotton Research
  • Emerging Multi Crop Seeds Group
  • Recognized as one of the TOP 10 Biotech seed companies in India for the year 2010
Seed Processing Unit
Seed Processing Unit
Seed Processing Unit
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